Sunday, January 15, 2017

Celebrations in December

Happy New Year!! Praise the Lord for another year of ministry. 

December was a very busy month! We started the month off in Paso Nuevo celebrating the birth of the Savior with a special supper with our church family. 
Alicia and her friends :) 
Church family enjoying time together after the supper.

Next we had our dinner at our church here in Puerto Ordaz. All the dinners were made by church members and everyone had a great time preparing and cutting veggies together. 
The group of ladies I sat with at dinner

Sunday after church we had the dinner in La Ceiba. During the service the kids shared bible verses and the books of the bible that they have been learning. Also a few of them shared a song they learned from an indian who was visiting a month ago. It was great to see them excited to share what they are learning. 
Manuel reciting the books of the Old Testament

Traditionally Christmas is celebrated on the 24th with a big dinner late at night with the entire family. For lunch we went to the foundation in La Ceiba for lunch. 
The Buloz family with Manuel and Leo (two of the brothers who live at the foundation)

In the evening the Silveira family invited me to share in their meal and celebrations. It was delicious and a good time was had by all. Thanks be to God for blessing me with two great teachers and a family to be with during the Holidays. 

On the 25th a group of us spent the day at the foundation. We had a soup lunch and played dominoes all afternoon. It was a great day. Surprisingly I picked up on the strategy quickly! 

Another day during break a few of us ladies from church got together and spent the day making "hallacas". The traditional Venezuelan Christmas dinner. The hallaca is similar to a "hot pocket", I posted a picture of this in my last blog too, in this picture you can see the outer part that hold it all together; a banana leaf (not to be eaten). It is a lot of work but was a great day with friends. 

December was filled with memories and enjoying the culture of Venezuela with great friends! Praying that you all had a happy New Year. Thank your your support and prayers this Holiday season. God bless each one of you this coming year!