Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spring happenings

At the end of April I “moved” to Grandma Hinrich’s house. For two weeks we worked on getting things ready for the garage sale. Thank you to all those who helped and donated things and came and found treasures!! After pricing and setting things up for four days we realized we had more than would fit in Grandma’s garage, with more continuing to come in. So we decided to open the garage sale a week early and did a full Saturday garage sale. This gave us space for the 20 boxes of things waiting for us on the porch. That first Saturday was a HUGE success. It gave us room for more things the next week. That second weekend of garage sale was yet another blessing and HUGE success. It was forecasted to rain everyday that week, God blessed us with only a few rain showers and most storms in the night. Praise the LORD!! God was not done with the blessings He showered on me through this  garage sale, we made enough money for me to get a new computer that will help me in Venezuela and to continue to connect with my supporters back home. God is good!!! 

The rest of May was filled with graduation parties, visiting family and finishing up packing and preparations for Venezuela. 

Looking ahead to the rest of my time here and a few prayer requests are below. 
June 15th- going to Chicago to hand in the papers for my Visa. Pray this is processed quickly! 
June 16-19th- Trip to the home office in Pennsylvania, FIM. For my exit interview. 
June 28th- commissioning service during the Sunday morning church service at Oakdale. 
July 5th- Farewell party in Des Moines (more details to follow) A time to share in fellowship. 
July 9th- Depart for Venezuela!!! 

If you are in the Meriden area on the 28th I welcome you to come and be a part of my commissioning service during the morning worship service at Oakdale E Free church in Meriden, 10:30AM. 

 Thank you for your prayers and support!! God is good and continues to prove himself faithful.