Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our God is faithful!!

Over half way!! 55% God is good!!

The last two months have had their ups and downs. In December I sent out an update letter to all of my contacts, had a few meetings with individuals, met with churches and enjoyed the Holidays with my family. At the beginning of December I was at 31% and praying to get to 51%.

At the beginning of January I spent a lot of time with the family I was nannying for and helping them pack. January 8th we packed them up and they moved to Stanton, NE. I miss them terribly but know that God will bless their family at their new church. Now my days are filled with contacting people and sending letters. I even had the opportunity to share with a 2nd grade Sunday school about my ministry and missions. That was a fun and exciting morning! There really is no group I can’t share my ministry with, I am more than happy to share God’s plan for Venezuela with any one.

Over the last two months donations and monthly supporters have come in, God is good! I am now at 50%!! Things are going in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who has become a supporter!!

This next month I will start taking a class on how to be a language and culture learner. This will prepare me for learning Spanish and Venezuelan culture once I am in Venezuela.
Prayers and Praises:
  • Being at 55%!! That the next 45% will come in quickly 
  • Meeting with families, churches and groups
  • My language learning class
  • The preparations for my apartment in Venezuela will go well

Thanks so much!!
Alicia Whitmore