Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fruitful February

Answers to prayer requests and a few things to continue to pray for: 

That things would continue to take shape at the foundation. 
There are 6 kids that are learning to read and write with Laideth. Alirio, the man who is living at the foundation and taking care of the land, has started a garden with fruit and veggies to be enjoyed. 

Continuing to build friendships with those around me. The leadership for the foundation invited me to take a weekend trip with them to Caripe (a town in the mountains). It was a great weekend of fellowship, cooler weather, coffee, strawberries with cream and planing the future of the foundation. 

These two little girls are so sweet and my shadows whenever I am in La Ceiba. 

Language is going great. Understanding more each day. We are now going to focus more on reading and developing my communication with vocabulary and complex sentences.

Visa work is still in the process. Marcia and Guillermo (co-workers) are coming back at the end of the month and we will all travel together to Caracas in order to visit the visa office there. Please pray this goes smoothly and God will go before me and provide the visa that I need. 

Ismael: One of the boys that the foundation is taking care of, (he still lives with mom) is learning to read and eats lunch at the foundation, injured his leg in September but is doing much better. Please pray for full healing and no more infection.  

Above Sait, Manuel(older brother to Ismael) and Ismael are trying to get a kite (made out of a grocery bag and sticks) to fly. 
And the other is a picture of the boys from church playing soccer on the foundation's land. 

Thank you for all of you prayer and support. Pray for the country of Venezuela and those that live here. God is good!