Sunday, June 12, 2016

11 months!

This past Friday was the eleven month mark of me being in Venezuela!! Wow! Where has the time gone? I would like to thank God for these first 11 months here. Thanks for His protection every day. Thanks for the ability to learn and study Spanish and the knowledge for my teachers to teach me. I would also I like to give thanks for the churches here where I have been able to learn and observe the various ministries of each one.  Thanks to God for blessing me with the members of theses churches and how they have received me and helped me is many ways. Thanks to God for the kids in La Ceiba that I see every Thursday, their hugs, love and joy! I have learned so much Spanish and grown in His grace. I have a ways to go in learning but these first eleven months are the foundation to the future. Excited to see what God will continue to do in and through the ministry here in Venezuela. Glory to God!! 

Tomorrow, June 13th I am heading back to the States!! Please be in prayer as I travel tomorrow and then visit the Venezuela visa office in Chicago on Tuesday at 9AM. God is good and His plan is perfect. Trusting in Him. 

Then I will be in the Iowa/Nebraska/South Dakota areas until the middle of July. Here is a schedule. Also the churches I will be at each Sunday if you would like to hear me present and show pictures more about my ministry. 

June15-16: Ankeny, IA 
June 17-22: Sioux Falls, SD
June 22-25: Stanton, NE 
June 26th: Oakdale E Free, Meriden, IA- I will be sharing a brief summary during morning worship (10:30AM) 
June 26-July 1: Cherokee/Marcus, IA 
June 29: Open House at Valley View (Oakdale) 6PM- Update and powerpoint 
July 1-13: Des Moines/Ankeny area. 
July 3: Bethany Reformed church moments for missions during morning worship (10:30AM)

*Safe and uneventful travel June 13
*Visa work to be processed without problems
*Good visit in the States 
*Rest for me and my teachers during our month off from class 
*The ministries here in Venezuela 
*Wisdom for the future 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!! See you soon!!!