Thursday, September 8, 2016

Plan Vacacional - August

Plan Vacacional = Vacation Bible School.

The last month has been full of preparations for Plan and then the 3 days of Plan Vacacional and then preparing for the next one. Each church, La Ceiba, Villa Icabaru and Paso Nuevo has their own 3 days of the same Plan Vacacional. This years theme was The Gospel of God. Simple but so important. We has around 50 kids at each church and close to 10 adults and youth who put the days together. We start each morning with singing and group games. 

Then we have a time for the lesson all together and then we split up for the craft by age. This year was full of firsts for me. I am able to explain the craft and help the kids in my group with the craft. I was with 11-12 year olds in La Ceiba, 7-8 year olds in Villa Icabaru and the youth 12+ in Paso Nuevo. 

This was challenging but so good. Even a few kids who remember me from last year said, she can talk now! In Paso Nuevo I was even able to lead the morning song and game time! This was scary at first but the kids were so excited and loved all the things we did. It is encouraging to see how far God has brought me in the last year and to feel more a part of the group. 

Joseph and I explained the craft at the closing

In Paso Nuevo we had the time to evangelize in the afternoons. This was a great time to visit a few of the homes of the kids who came to Plan Vacacional. Laideth gave us each a verse to read and explain. I was able to read my verse, explain it and be understood by those we visited. I even got to pray in a few homes. Praise the LORD!! Thank you for your prayers and support. 

During the week in Paso Nuevo one young boy gave his life to the Lord!! Laideth said that he had been seeking and understanding the lessons they do on Saturday mornings there. He is the only believer in his family, please pray for him! God is good. 

While we were in Paso Nuevo we came across a need for prayer. Maria and her three young daughters (Daniela, Carolina and Victoria) are in desperate need of food both physically and spiritually. Please pray for them. They live with grandma, grandpa and a couple of uncles. No one has work currently in the family. Daniela is a sweet little thing and my new little buddy ;)

  • Plan Vacacional was great!!
  • Young boy who was saved!
  • Ana has been able to find enough medicine for the month of September. God provides!! 

    Ana and Luz, health and medication. Ana is doing better!
    Said and Laideths cars, the Explorer is not running well and the car has a bad tire. These are the two car most church ministries run on.
    Pray for the hearts of those who we visited, may God bring them to salvation in Him.
    Maria and her precious family.
    Language and culture study as they get more advanced.
    Protection. Wisdom.