Thursday, November 3, 2016

Prayer and fasting

"Through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me." 
Genesis 22:18

September was a growing month with many firsts. I attended my first all church meeting and understood the majority of what was going on. This is a great accomplishment as large group things can be challenging to follow. At the meeting it was decided that we would have an all church prayer and fasting weekend. So, one Friday night we all met and prayed for several hours. Prayers for the churches, prayers for each other and prayers that God would move in the hearts and lives of those in the churches. Then on Saturday morning we had a fast together. We again met at the church to pray, sing and study God’s word together. This was also a time for listening to God’s voice. Everyone came away encouraged and feeling God’s presence. 

Another first this month for me was my presentation for Ana. We have started studying God’s word in my classes. She taught me how to put together a class based on a passage and also a class on a topic in the Bible. So at the end of our month of study she had me present to her a ten to fifteen minute class for a child on the faith of Abraham. I was very nervous for this but after studying and practice with Laideth it went very well! God is good!! I am so happy and can’t wait to present a class to a child in the future. Also that week I had a test with Luz and came away with a good grade and a plan for what things I still need to work on. 
The newly repainted house at the foundation.

October was a fun month. I needed to leave for visa reasons so God gave me the opportunity to celebrate the wedding of a good Moody friend from England. The parents of the bride invited me to come and attend this wonderful life event with them and their family. They all were great hosts and it was such a blessing to see them and share my ministry with them and at the local cafe for a group of international students. It was also a great time to rest and recharge before the busy Holiday season in the Venezuela churches. 

Praise that language keeps getting better and moving forward. 
Praise that travel has all gone smoothly. 
Praise for the lives that the gospel is touching. 
Pray for the political situation in Venezuela.
Pray for safety. 
Pray for the out reaches the churches will do over the Holidays. 

Thank you for your support and prayers!