Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In His time

Things have been so busy here the last month....yeah I will have been here for one month the 10th!! Yikes!! Where has the time gone?? There have been many ups and a few downs. But God is good through it all.

The big down is that my apartment is not ready for me yet. I am working on getting the walls ready to paint and then when Guillermo comes again he can finish the kitchen. I'm looking forward to this day.

Ups: Both Bible Schools we have had have gone really well!! Met lots of new friends and worked on my Spanish. Our last one is the week of August 10th. We will stay the week in Paso Nuevo and serve the kids there. My classes in Spanish start August 17th. I am super excited for these to start but know I need prayers in strength and humility.

Thanks for all your prayers!!

One specific pray request comes from a friend of mine. Please pray that God would send youth to our churches. We are lacking in the youth.