Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello again! 

The past two months have been full of meeting with people and continuing to get the support partnerships built. 

Over the last two months there have been several praises! God has brought me to 20% of my monthly giving and 66% of my prayer support :) He has shown Himself faithful and good. 

I also had a great time speaking at my parents' church, Bethany Reformed. It was great to share my mission and God's work with the church family I grew up with. Many people asked questions and agreed to pray for me. It also was a great place to break the ice on speaking in front of a church. 

This past month I was given the opportunity to share with the mission committee of the church I was a youth leader at the past 2 years, Meriden E Free. The meeting went well; I was encouraged by the questions and our time together. It was great to have practice with an audience of familiar faces yet in a different context that will hopefully happen more in the upcoming months as I speak at different churches. 

Another encouraging meeting this past month was a group home meeting with some family members. My great aunt and her husband had me over to share with them and some cousins one Saturday morning. It is great to have family support and pray for me. 

Thank you for your prayers! Some ways you can be praying in the upcoming month: more meetings, more supporters (both financial and prayer), church contacts. 

If you would like to be put on my prayer support list or would like more information PLEASE let me know!! You can send me an e-mail ( or message me on facebook with your mailing address and questions. 

Thank you and have a wonderful month!